VHC 2016-2017 Assignment #1 Structure or Relaxed

Yay! My first virtual Honeschool Coop assignment, this is so fun!

Before I begin, if you want to know more about the Virtual Homeschool Coop go to the blog or you can also check the youtube channel.

Now, I’m supposed to say how structure or relax is our homeschool from 0 (no structure) to 10 (high structure) in 3 categories: curriculum, daily rutine and space.
I would say I’m a 5 curriculum wise. We’re really interested in unschooling, but not having a curriculum makes me nervous, specially since English is my second language and my son loves workbooks and worksheets. So my son has curriculum for languague arts, reading, spelling, math and spanish. He is not learning to speak spanish, he alredy speaks and reads spanish, but he is learning grammar and spelling. As for the rest of the subjects we don’t do a specific curriculum, sometimes we do something from easy peasy and sometimes we do nothing but read and read. Now my 5 year old daughter is a free soul, she doesn’t like curriculum and for this year we are letting her be. She is really creative and alredy reads, so we focus in a lot of reading, she reads to me and I read to her, she chooses what to read. Sometimes we also do some hands on activities. But as I said we are letting her be.

Our daily routine would be a 2 or 3. I have tried in the past to have an schedule but it only lasts a couple of weeks and that is it. We try to start our homeschool around 10 and we are done by 12. The rest of the day is for independent reading and play.

We do have a school room, but it is more a storage room for our homeschool stuff. We don’t spend a lot of time in there, we do school anywhere and everywhere. So I think that makes as a 1? 

Considering all of this I would say we our a pretty relaxed homeschool family. We want our kids to have enough time to do what they like to do and enjoy life.




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