Virtual Homeschool Coop Introduction

Hello, everyone. Do you know what the virtual homeschool coop is?

Well, is a group of awesome homeschool moms or dads, etc.  that share their homeschool experiences. You can check them out here.

Before I start doing any assignments I want to introduce myself. I will be answering the following questions.

Introduce yourself to the community and who you are.

I’m Abby, a 29 year old homeschool/stay at home mom. I’m from Mexico (forgive my English), I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, but I do love staying home with the kids.

How long you have been homeschooling?

This is our second year homeschooling, so I’m really new to this concept. Before this I didn’t have any idea that you could educate your kids at home.

How many and how old are your homeschool children?

I have 3 beautiful kids (I’m their mom, so yes, I do think they are beautiful and also smart), my son is 6 years old, my daughter is almost 5 years old and the baby girl is almost 3 years old.

What is your homeschool mission statement?

I don’t have a mission statement but I can tell you what I want for my kids and our family. I want to create wonderful memories, and to have enough time to do so. 

What is your homeschool approach?

We don’t have an specific homeschool approach. We read a lot, in both, English and Spanish. We do some hands on activities, we watch educational videos and movies, etc. 

Where are you located on this planet?

We live in the US.

How was the social media platforms helped you with your homeschool?

They’ve been really helpful, specially pinterest and youtube. I get a lot of ideas from those platforms, I would be lost without social media platforms.

What are you excited about getting out of the VHC this year?

I just wanna get to know other homeschooling families and share our experiences.

And that’s it.

I’m really excited to be part of this amazing community.




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