VHC Assignment #3 How do you use a reading list in your homeschool?

This week’s assignment for the Virtual Homeschool Co-op is about our reading list.
I will be answering the following questions about reading in our homeschool. But before I start I want to say that I have 3 kids 6 years old and under. So I will be talking mostly about my 6 year old son, Chris, and a little bit about my 5 year old daughter, Sam.

Let’s get to the questions.

1. How and where do you get your book list?

We go to the library as much as we can and I let the kids get the books they want to read, this way they really enjoy their reading time. I usually get a couple of chapter books for Chris and I let him decide which book he wants to read for “school”. 

Sam is still learning to read so we choose little readers for her. I’ve tried to follow a curriculum with her but it was a struggle, now that I let her choose what to read she has improved her reading and she has gained a lot of confidence.

In addition to the library books, Chris is reading EP First Reader, which is part of easy peasy all in one homeschool. It is a great book divided by day, it has a total of 180 days. Usually a chapter per day. This book includes books and poems and some questions about the books, etc. We love it! They have a free online version or you can buy it in book form. “>

That is what we did.

2. How big is your book list?

Except for the EP First Reader, we make the list as we go. Right now we are reading the magic tree house books, we just started with the number 1 but we will probably be reading the first 4 books, but like I said, we make the list as we go.

3. How do you assign reading?

Chris usually reads a chapter per day of the book he chose and one “day” of EP First Reader, both of them every day. But I’m pretty relaxed about it, if he doesn’t want to read one of the books on any given day that is totally fine by me. He is always reading anyways.

I don’t assign anything to Sam she also enjoys books and she reads without being told. I sit with her every day and we read together, as well, as much as she wants and what she wants to read.

4. Do you reward and give incentives to read?

We have a sticker chart, for every day that Chris reads his EP First Reader he gets a sticker, but honestly we forget a lot of the time.

5. Do you quiz for comprehension?

We follow the assignments for the EP First Reader and there are some questions there, but for the other books he usually reads them by himself and I don’t ask questions.

And that is how we do reading. I think that is really important to teach the kids to love books and reading, but we are relaxed with our reading and that is working wonderful in our house.




3 comentarios en “VHC Assignment #3 How do you use a reading list in your homeschool?

  1. We don’t have a formal reading list/ book list either. Their text books are their “read to learn” books and we have assignments, quizes, and tests on that matreial so our other books are added perks. We read some of the magic tree house books but I didn’t like how it kept talking a bit more about magic in each book so we didn’t read all of them. The thanksgiving one was good as was the castle one. I read them aloud to the children. They enjoy reading on their own as well so we have quite a stash of books in our home and we enjoy books from the library. Have a great day remembering to pray always. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    Me gusta

      • Yup, just a preference of ours. There are several Christian families in our area that have talked about those book and claim to have enjoyed them or at least their kids do so…just need to decide for ourselves I suppose. *smile* Some that we have enjoyed, though the print is larger, are the Imagination Station books similar to Whits End stories but back in time. Love those ones with the emphasis on using our imagination. *smile* I wish you all the best. Another history style book we have enjoyed are the “if you” books. Another mom did a little personal review of them a little while back and I picked some up. We really enjoyed those as well and may pick more of them up in the future. They have time lines and things in them so it’s nice on different levels. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

        Me gusta


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