VHC Assignment # 4 What is your homeschool disaster plan? Do you have one?

This las week’s assignment fot the Virtual Homeschool Coop is about having a natural disaster plan. I don’t really had a plan but I really should.

We live in a state where tornados are common. Although, since we moved here we haven’t got a tornado. But we have heard the alarms, that means “go to safety” have a basement? Go there. Thankfully tornados didn’t form this year here in our city. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared. And I never thought about our homeschool. I need a plan! Here is my plan:

1. Do you have a 72 hour kit that is your go to homeschool supply?

I actually don’t have a kit, but if a tornado comes I would put some of our books in a backpack and take the backpack with us to the basement.
2. What are the natural disasters that you prepare for?

As I said before, we have tornados where we live. Have you heard of tornado ally? We are right there. And also, we are preparing for a very cold winter, lots of snow. We need to have enough food in case we can not leave the house, etc. Hopefully this predictions won’t happen and we’ll have a nice winter, not to cold, not to much snow.

3. Do you have a kit that lets them work to keep the feeling normal?

I don’t. But in a case of an emergency we would be ok not doing school for a while, we could read a lot and that would be enough for us. If we have internet available we could work online, easy peasy all in one homeschool is an excellent resource and we use it a lot.

In case that we can not leave the house we will continue working in our curriculum.

4. What are your most loved and faithful books that are your treasures that you feel you can not loose?

I guess that this books will be the ones in my backpack in case of an emergency.

I would put in my backpack a few books, all of my son’s  ACE paces, he uses the english and spanish ones for second grade. Then we can not forget our Easy Peasy readers, we have the learn to read and the first reader. Then I would take my planner and my kids daily binders along with their binders where I keep the work they’ve been doing this year. I think I need a really big backpack, because I still would take more books with us, I will let the kids choose the books they want to take with them, chapter book, early readers, anything they want. 

A simple plan for us is enough because our kids are young.

Praying for all of you who are in the middle of a natural disaster.




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