VHC Assignment # 5 What is your reason to homeschool?

I’m  excited to answer this questions for the Virtual Homeschool Coop. Every homeschool household is different so the reasons to homeschool must be different as well.

1. What was your original reason? Did it have to do with a situation or was homeschooling a lifestyle that you knew you wanted?

Before I answer this question we need a little background. I was born and raised in Mexico, a country where most people don’t know what homeschool is and if they hear about it they think it must be illegal not to send your kids to public school. So I never thought I would be homeschooling my kids.

When my oldest child turn 3 I sent him to preschool, I wanted him to learn english from someone else, we only spoke spanish at home. He actually did great in school, we loved his teacher, everything was great, he learned english really fast and he actually learnd to read when he was 3. When he was in preschool I started to like the idea of homeschooling him, being home with him and his sister all day and sharing the schooling expirience sounded pretty good. And also he was alredy reading at 3 years old (english and spanish) so we thought that we needed to do it so he could work as his own pace so we decided to homeschool him once he started kindergarten. 

2 . Have your reasons change on why you homeschool?

The first reasons haven’t change but we have added more reasons to it.

When my son was 4 almost 5 he was diagnosed with autism. That became a new reason to homeschool. We belive that we can meet his necessities better at home and nobody is going to have more love and patience for our son than us.

Also my daughter who was 3 at the time was having a hard time in preschool. She cried everyday for like a month or so. Teacher told us that she didn’t do anything and she just sat there all day long, I didn’t want that for her, it wasn’t necessary and she was suffering for not reason, I mean she could learn better at home on the environment she was use to and where she felt comfortable. Now she is almost 5, reading above her grade level and enjoying being at home more than anything.

Another reason I can name is that I can teach my kids spanish, not only to speak and understand spanish but to read fluently, I can teach them about my culture, Mexican history and traditions. That means a lot to me and I now I have the time to do it.

And of course we can add God into our homeschool lifestyle.

Homeschool also adds a lot of flexibility, you can do what you want when you want to do it. You can take breaks when you need them and you have time freedom to explore the world around you. 

3. Do your reasons resemble a conviction of your lifestyle?

Maybe it resembles. We love the idea that we are educating our kids and not somebody else. As young kids the influence they get is really important for their personality and their formation. 





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