Gameschooling Math

This year I really wanted to make our homeschool fun, and what is the best way of making something fun than using games?

How is this going to look for us? More games, less worksheets!!!

Math is one of our favorite subjects and the easiest to find games for. So I bought a few board games, and a curriculum to use as a guide.

For my soon to be 7 year old son I bought a beka arithmetic 3, but instead of buying the workbook I decided to buy only the test book, this way I can reduce worksheets to work on, but still have an idea of the things he “needs” to learn. For my soon to be 6 year old daughter I bought Math 2 from Easy Peasy. She did Math 1 this past year and love it so she’ll continue with this awesome curriculum, we might skip some worksheets and do games instead.

Since I have 2 kids one year apart, I decided to do Math together, especially using games, this way they can learn concepts together and my son may review some concepts from 2nd grade, even my 3 year old girl can join the fun with my help.

So, I bought A beka Arithmetic 3 Test book, EP Math 2 workbook, but what games are we using? We got

  • I have… who has…? Math 2 Grades 2-3
  • Money bags
  • Bingo Multiplication and Division
  • Farkle
  • Sequence Numbers

I’ve made a lesson plan to get an idea of what they will be learning and which games we can use, and I want to share it with you.

It has been divided by weeks and days, 2nd and 3rd grade together, and above their work some games the both them can play. If you don’t have the same ones you can use similar games, it is just a guide for you and me. There is also links to some printable games.

Download gameschooling math.

I hope it can bless someone.




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